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Our story goes back 10 years when we were running a fashion accessory business and selling our goods online. Our team, having a combined 50 years’ experience in IT at that time, and a mindset of challenging ourselves, decided to learn in-depth and design our own digital marketing strategy that helped us to succeed. It was when our fellow entrepreneurs started to ask if we could help them with their digital marketing that we found our true passion – helping other business owners succeed too!

Digital marketing has become even more complex over the past decade, with the constant appearance of new technologies, tools, applications and channels. We have responded to the challenge by continuously growing our knowledge to the highest standards and applying our intelligence to practice.

We know that small businesses might not have hefty budgets to spend on digital marketing, and that is why we always customise our service offering for each of our clients. We identify the crucial actions that have the biggest immediate impact for your business, and we will work with you to design a phase by phase plan to continuously build your online presence.



  • Setup your domain, website and e-commerce site
  • Build your digital marketing strategy
  • Implement email marketing and blogging platforms
  • Create your social media accounts


  • Implement inbound marketing/CRM tools
  • Create your content calendar
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Create your digital assets
  • Teach you to operate your digital presence


  • Do health check for you website
  • Optimise your website by doing
    • Technical and page-code SEO
    • Page content SEO
    • Website modernisation
  • Website and Social Media Traffic Analytics


10 years business operations on three continents

63 years of combined IT experience

10 years e-commerce operations B2B & B2C

30,000+ published digital assets in online media

8300+ hours on digital marketing

60,000+ hours on cyber security and cloud computing


We also have social media certification from the No.1 social media management platform Hootsuite

We are certified digital marketers by HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform.

We are SEO trained by MOZ.


What To Find Out – And Rule Out

What To Find Out – And Rule Out

So what should you look for in a prospective partner – and what should make you cut and run?

A business needs committed partners – and you need their families on board too.

Regardless of the nature of a business, the commitment of partners must be equal for the arrangement to work.

A partnership – especially one between friends – can kick off with fun and excitement, but within a short period of time the slog of every day will catch up with you. If your partner isn’t as committed as you from the start, their enthusiasm will likely wane, which could be highly damaging for your business.

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